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Legal Service

For the clients we customize each application to its needs and work with an individual or a company to put the best foot forward. We have completed over hundred cases in the last 3 years and thousands of cases in the last 16 years. We are happy to say that we have about 95%
success rate and 99% repeat clients. Our clients range from artists, renowned musicians, international rock bands, Bollywood stars, actors, DJs, contest winners/participants, folk bands,comedians, lifestyle coaches, international business executives, specially skilled executives, students, visitors, family members and religious workers.
Most of the cases do not require a law firm to file the case as it is usually filed by the company or individual petitioner, but the petitions, memos have to be researched with the proper laws and documentation which we strive to do keeping our success rate high and competitive. We are committed to delivering the highest level of legal service. Our goal is to excel in both our
legal work product and client service.

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